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Bittbau webshop

Bittbau webshop

Online shop

This online shop was built as an extension of Bittbau’s presentation website. The two websites have been developed in two different stages, but they share the same visual identity.

All major functionalities of online shops have been integrated in the website: shopping history, account registration and settings page, cart and account features for both private and business users , cart checkout for existing or new users.

Software / tehnologies / Programming languages:

Adobe Photoshop, CSS 3, HTML 5, JavaScript, MediaQuery, PHP, Code Igniter

Product categories and listing

Depending on the number of available products in a category, the product listing is either directly accessed or intermediated by a subcategory selection page.

Product detail

The product detail page has been designed having simplicity in mind. It includes the essential information elements and quick navigation buttons: back to product listing and previous / next product.


Extended cart instance for business users. The instance includes saved and new company information, saved and new address information.

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