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Bucharest Jazz Festival

Bucharest Jazz Festival

Presentation website

The designer of Bucharest Jazz Festival’s logo chose to express the jazzy feel by emphasizing the diagonals of the letters. Therefore, we decided to build upon this visual direction and integrate it in various page elements.

In order to let the fresh colors and dynamic geometries become present, but not go too wild, we used plenty of white space and light grey outlining lines.

Software / tehnologies / Programming languages:

Adobe Photoshop, CSS 3, HTML 5, JavaScript, MediaQuery, PHP, Code Igniter


Memories from the previous festivals

In the archive page we tried to document the atmosphere of the previous festivals through pictures, videos and testimonials.

Festival agenda

The festival spans over 6 days and there are plenty of events. We created a layout that gives the user the possibility to explore the agenda in 2 ways: ‘detailed with pictures’ and ‘compact list’. In the detailed mode, the user can choose to see each day individually or visualize all of them at once.

Custom video playlist

The YouTube playlist was customized to match the color scheme of the website.

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