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Core values

In each project we strive to find the answer to multiple questions about web design and the web project specifications, and one of the most important questions is “why”. Why you do what you do?
Similar, our meaning of existence is to help customers to take advantage of web and online environment and use it in the company’s benefit.


We believe in a swift response and feedback to our clients’ requests. Time is appreciated to be one of the most precious resources today and being prompt is a habit we nurture. We work to deliver the projects in time and respect the milestones and deadlines as agreed.


A perfectly done project requires lot of attention to every detail. We focus on every small task that will create the bigger project. We are considering this habit a real asset to our development process, and this sometimes make the difference between a good website and a great one (e-shop or web application).


We believe that there must be a direct correlation between what you think, what you say and what you do. Having strong moral principles and being true to yourself and to others, even if no one is watching you, has helped us to keep long business partnerships with many recurring clients.


Being honest with our customers, team and ourselves is another value we appreciate and implement in our daily routine. We say we can do only the things we know we will excel. Sometimes we take the challenge and overcome our fears and discover new possibilities, by offering great experiences to our clients.

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