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Romanian CAA

Romanian CAA

Web application

The structure of Romanian CAA’s website is quite complex and new content sections needed to be integrated overtime. A redesign was required, both in terms of styling and content configuration.

Also, the old website seemed to be lacking impactful visual content. Therefore, we aimed to integrate in the redesign more photos, icons and other visual cues from the aviation domain.

Software / tehnologies / Programming languages:

Adobe Photoshop, CSS 3, HTML 5, JavaScript, MediaQuery, PHP, Code Igniter


Departments dedicated area

The main departments of the institution have received a dedicated access area in the bottom part of the home page.

Dedicated start pages for each department

For each main department, we created a start page where the sub-departments can be accessed easier.

Additional navigation system

With the purpose of facilitating accessibility, we developed an additional 3 level menu. This could better accommodate the long titles of the pages.

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